Our Health Partnership

You probably want to know what Our Health Partnership is.

Along with a lot of other GP practices across Birmingham we have joined with other practices to create a new organisation that will give us more time to spend with our patients and provide you with a better health service.

The new organisation is called Our Health Partnership and it is all about making sure our patients get the best care possible from their own local surgery.

You probably want to know why we are doing this now.

We hear every day about how local GP practices are finding it more difficult to give their patients the best service possible. So many of us looked at how we can solve that problem, and the answer we found was that if we could get together and form a bigger partnership we could deal with all the endless paperwork and management better, leaving our doctors to spend more time with you.

We realised that as a bigger group we could do more for you and by working together with local hospitals and other care services we can develop new and better ways of providing the best possible healthcare on your doorstep.

In a nutshell, by being part of Our Health Partnership we will:

  • Stop our practices being taken over by private companies or hospitals, as is happening elsewhere in the country
  • Reduce the risk of your practice closing, as is happening elsewhere
  • Work more closely with social services and other Community Care services to keep people out of hospital and treated closer to home

You probably want to know what happens to you as our patient

To be honest; at the beginning you will probably not notice too much difference. This is still your local practice. We are still your local doctors, nurses and practice staff. Our practice will still look the same and act the same. You will still see the same familiar faces.

However, we believe that very quickly you will begin to notice that the quality of healthcare will get even better as practices work together and offer you much more. What is important is that now and in the future, our patients are, and always will be, our first priority.

If you want to know more

Please have a word with your practice staff and they can tell you what is happening here in your local practice.

If you want to know more about Our Health Practice as an organisation please go to our website www.ourhealthpartnership.com or email us at info@ourhealthpartnership.com or you can write to us at: Our Health Practice, C/O Lordswood House Medical Practice, 54 Lordswood House, Birmingham B17 9DB.

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